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Alumni Transcript Request

Transcripts that need to go to Colleges/Universities almost always have to be “Official”.  What makes them official is that they are sent directly from the School of Record,  transcripts are stamped & sealed, and the envelope is sealed on the outside by the school. So unless you need a personal copy, you will probably want to have your transcript mailed directly to the college/university of choice.

#1.  Alumni who need transcripts must request through the Guidance Office.

  • Alumni Transcript Request Form is found in the Guidance Department, or the form may be downloaded here.  Please make sure you print the Alumni form, not Student Transcript Form
  • You can access a pickup from 8 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. any day that the school is open.   Sending an email to Ms. Bonifay at with an approximate pickup date/time, will allow the transcript to be ready.
  • There is a $5.00 transcript fee. 
  • Mail or Fax your Alumni Transcript request to (850) 436-6405, Attn:  Guidance Dept
  • Or – If you cannot download the Alumni Transcript Request Form, please send an email to Ms. Bonifay at .  The email request must include the following information:
  • a.  Student name (including Maiden name if married)
  • b.  Year of Graduation
  • c.  Date of Birth
  • d.  Phone number
  • e.  E-mail address (confirmation of mailing will be sent)
  • d.  NAME and complete ADDRESS of institution to which the transcript must be addressed

Transcript request can be mailed to:

Catholic High School

3043 W. Scott Street
Pensacola, FL  32505

#2.  If you are requesting from outside Pensacola, FL

A $5.00 processing fee must be received prior to mailing of the transcript.

Checks are to be mailed and made payable to: 

Pensacola Catholic High School
3043 West Scott Street
Pensacola, FL  32505

Questions may be directed to Ms. Bonifay at 850-436-6400 extn 122 or .

Dual Enrollment / Pensacola State College (PSC) Transcript Requests

Students that have taken dual enrollment courses while at Catholic High School must submit a transcript request from Pensacola State College’s online portal for dual enrollment credits to transfer to the students anticipated college of attendance.  There is currently no fee involved, as long as the transcript is sent to another post-secondary institution. 

Current graduates are recommended they wait until July 1st to request a PSC transcript. This will allow PSC enough time to ensure that the semester 2 grades of the senior year will be included on the college transcript.

Click on the following link to initiate your request: PSC Transcript Requests

Students will be directed to access a Spyglass account. Please note that the Pensacola State ID number is a student’s social security, and the Student PIN number is the student’s birth month, followed by the last two numbers of the student’s birth year. For example, if a student was born October 4, 1997 the PIN will be 1097. Students will then be directed to change their PIN (make sure to write down your new PIN # as no one else will have access to it).

Should you experience any difficulties logging into the PSC Spyglass account you will need to call: (850) 484-1600/1601/1602/1603

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