Student Laptop
    Pensacola Catholic High's state of the art technology provides students with the tools that they need for the future. Each classroom features video projection for instruction and closed-circuit television for broadcasting. Wireless Internet connectivity is available throughout the campus, and allows teachers access to technology wherever it is needed.

    Graphing calculators enhance the math and science classes. Modern science labs are equipped with electronic probes to digitally record and explore the scientific process. The Television Production Studio boasts professional broadcasting equipment as well as a professional video editing computer lab. 

    Our Brent Media Library extends the resources available to students by providing access to media, video and audio equipment, and staff for students before and after school hours.

    Pensacola Catholic High School became the first school in the entire Panhandle of Florida, to be part of grade-wide 1 to 1 laptop initiative. This was the first step towards a learning environment in which students and teachers have 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week access to the tools and resources of the 21st Century classroom.

    Catholic High School prepared for this exciting initiative for many years. CHS boasts a universal wireless environment and teachers who have been equipped and teaching with laptops for many years. In addition, our teachers have been and continue to be involved in an intensive faculty professional development program that enables them to engage students in learning in a truly digital environment. We are very aware that students in the 21st Century learn most comfortably and enthusiastically when they are able to access, analyze, and synthesize information using digital tools. Our laptop initiative is the needed step toward helping our students to achieve and be successful in a fully digital learning environment.

    Laptop information meetings are held during the registration process to explain the program in detail and answer any parental questions. Also discussed at this meeting is the means by which parents may apply for “laptop assistance” so that we can help to ensure that this wonderful learning opportunity is within the reach of any child who wishes the quality of a Catholic High School education.