• Required Summer Honors Math Packets 2021

    The Math Department requires the completion of a summer packet for each student entering an Honors math course. Please download the packet for your class using the links to the right. The problems on these packets are due the second day of Math class (Tuesday, August 10th or Wednesday, August 11th depending on your course schedule). The packet has two purposes: (1) to help you retain the math knowledge you’ve gained in your previous math classes, and (2) to get a sense of what we expect you to know going into your next class. Here are some tips for working through the packet:

    1. We encourage you to work on this packet throughout the summer rather than doing the entire packet at the start or end of the summer. That way you keep the topics you learned fresh in your mind. Do not wait until the last minute to complete this packet!

    2. You should complete every problem on the packet and show your work on each problem. Use extra paper if absolutely needed, clearly identifying each problem. All work should be neat, complete, and organized. No problem should be left blank, and no work means no credit.

    3. You should not feel obligated to hire an outside tutor. We will spend the first week reviewing material that is necessary. However, you will be tested at the end of the first week on all material in the packet. If you are struggling with the packet, there are free resources, like Khan Academy, that can help.

    4. Calculators are allowed for the completion of this packet, but please do not rely on your calculator for the answer. Your assessment will be taken without a calculator.

    5. This packet will be graded for correctness and will be one of the first grades of Quarter 1.

    Enjoy your summer and best of luck!