• Catholic High Alumni – We want to hear from you!

    Welcome to Pensacola Catholic High School’s Alumni webpage.  We are currently reviewing and updating the various links from this site so please come back soon.  In the meantime, we want to hear from you.  Where are you living now?  Have you graduated recently?  Gotten a new job/promotion? Started your own business? Recently engaged, married, or had a new baby?  Please share with us so we can celebrate with you.

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    Military Service?

    If you are a Catholic High Alumnus who served our country in the military, please complete the below webform.  We also ask that if you know an alumnus who is deceased but served our country, please complete the form on his/her behalf.  We are truly grateful for your service!

    Yes, I served.

    If you have not visited Catholic High recently, or in some cases the current campus ever, we encourage you to do so.  Our campus is continually changing and being updated, while all the while Catholic High remains committed to the same ideals and values that have inspired us for more than 75 years.

    Questions and comments can be directed to Rita Lay, Director of Advancement at 850-436-6400 ext. 103 or rlay@pensacolachs.org

Pensacola Catholic High School - 1942