Alumni Hall of Fame

  • In the fall of 1997, the CHS Alumni Committee launched a new initiative, the Catholic High Alumni Hall of Fame. This initiative was implemented to honor Crusader alumni who stand out among the more than 8,700 graduates of Catholic High.  To date, over the past 20 years, 31 exemplary alumni have been inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame. These men and women, ranging in graduation years from 1941 to 1993, have been selected for their embodiment of the CHS Core Values of Commitment to Excellence, Commitment to Service, Personal Integrity, and Selfless Love and for their generosity, commitment, and loyalty to Catholic High.  On March 15, 2019, yet another outstanding Crusader was inducted into the Catholic High Alumni Hall of Fame, Fr. John Licari, a member of the Class of 1972.

    Members of the CHS Alumni Hall of Fame

    Al Condon ‘52
    Eric Nickelsen ‘62
    Tootie Ruggerio Wanek ‘63
    Judy Ruggerio Pace ‘66
    Coach Robert Burke ‘41
    Judy Weidner Merritt ‘59
    Ernest Herring ‘42
    Renie Smith Warfield ‘49
    Bob Purdy ‘64
    Donna Bloomer ‘73
    Charlie Hoffman ‘69
    Bob Benz ‘53
    Jim Payne ‘57
    Erick Drlicka ‘77
    Bobby Switzer ‘70
    Catherine Leary Humphreys ‘48
    Kelley Harris ‘76
    Woody Soderlind ‘60
    Bobby Blake ‘61
    Iggie Magbuhat ‘50
    Martha Johnson McLellan ‘56
    Jennifer Johnson Ponson ‘82
    Father Pat Foley '64
    Greg Whibbs '76
    Roxanne Spivey Bonifay '70
    Peggy Fell White and Bill White '63
    Bob Bell '89
    Eric Blay '78
    Nina Webb Blay '78
    Tom Baroco '93
    Father John Licari '72
    Peter Mougey '87