Employee and Volunteer Clearance

  • The Required Process for Employee and Volunteer Clearance for Pensacola Catholic High School:

    1. Every CHS employee, volunteer, and coach must undergo a VECHS electronic fingerprint clearance process through Fieldprint. In order to do this, it is first necessary to obtain and complete the FDLE Private Schools VECHS Waiver Agreement Statement. This must be obtained, in person, from:

    For prospective employees and volunteer:
    Sr. Kierstin Martin, Principal
    850-436-6400 ext. 114

    For prospective coaches:
    Coach Richard LaBounty, Athletic Director
    850-436-6400 ext. 112

    2. The Waiver Agreement and Statement must be completed, signed, and submitted, in person, to CHS.

    3. Upon handing in the Waiver, you will receive directions for scheduling an appointment for digital fingerprinting with Fieldprint which has two locations in the Pensacola area. When your clearance is completed, CHS will receive the results directly from the Diocese.

    4. Each CHS employee, volunteer, or coach must also complete online courses.   In order to do this, please go to:  www.PraesidiumInc.com/enroll

    1. Enter the registration code diopental and click submit

    2. When completing the form you see next, select Pensacola Catholic High School-Pensacola from the drop down menu you receive. Complete the entire form and continue.

    3. Then you will view a letter from our Bishop and a chart that describes the courses that must be taken by a prospective employee/volunteer, based on their role in the school.

    4. For prospective school Employees (anyone being paid by the school for any service) must take these six courses:
    •     Meet Sam
    •     Keeping Your School Safe
    •     Duty to Report
    •     Behavior Management
    •     Policies
    •     Bloodborne Pathogens

                      Additionally, for any prospective Employee who will Coach: Athlete Protection

    1. Prospective Volunteers (anyone NOT being paid by CHS) must take these three courses:
    •     Meet Sam
    •     Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers
    •     Policies

                      Additionally, for any prospective unpaid Volunteer who will Coach:   Athlete Protection

    1. Please schedule and take the appropriate courses listed above, based on your role and designation as Employee or Volunteer.

    2. At the completion of the courses, print the certificates that confirm you have completed the courses and deliver them to the CHS administration.